Section 1: Pre-Race

Article 1: Practice Drivers Can 

* Drive on track in the correct way

* Practice pitting on pit road in a pit box

* Walk around the garage or grandstands

* Communicate freely with others 

Drivers Can't 

* Kill other drivers

* Spam obnoxious sounds through the mic

* Drive incorrectly on track

* Stand in the middle of the racing surface


Article 2: Qualifying Drivers Must! 

* Wait on pit road in a single file line in the order that they are to qualify

* Head to the garage or grandstands and remain there till the end of the session after they are finished with their qualifying run 

Drivers Can 

* Request for the lobby to be silent during their run 

Drivers Can't 

* Kill other drivers

* Move from grandstands or garage after their run

* Spam obnoxious sounds through the mic

* Drive incorrectly on track

* Stand in the middle of the racing surface


Article 3: Pit Box Selection

Order goes from the top of the qualifying results. 

Drivers Must! 

* Stay off pit road while others select their box

* Stay in chosen box until others are finished 

Drivers Can 

* Use an awarded provisional to jump to the first selection

Drivers Can't 

* Practice laps around the track

* Change boxes after confirming their selection


Article 4: Pre-Race Lobby

Drivers Must! 

* Be quiet when officials are discussing the lap count, pit cycle, etc.

When first in game, drivers will line up in single or double file on pit road in order of starting grid.


Section 2: Racing


Article 1: The Race Drivers will run the set amount of laps and complete the required pit stops and tire changes. At the end of the race, the winner may perform his celebration and then head to victory lane to pose next to his winning mongoose. Drivers must complete a cool down lap. No stopping at the finish line and heading to the pits. ALL THE WAY AROUND


Article 2: Pitting Driver will stop in their pit box and perform the following steps * Get off * Charge plasma pistol and shock mongoose 2 tires * Repeat 4 tires total * Get back on

Drivers will be task with multiple 4 tire stops and one 2 tire stop. This 2 tire stop may be taken at any given pit cycle but must complete rest of 4 tire stops for the rest of the remaining stops. Example of tire count: 4 (4 tire stops) and 1 (2 tire stop)

Pit cycles will happen in a pattern of laps (Lap 20, 30, 40). Lead lap cars will pit on the first lap. Lapped cars will pit on the next lap If a driver is more than tire outside of their pit box, it is a penalty. The driver may chose to fix it immediately or do a stop and go (Stop, Get off, Get on) to correct it with out a point reduction.

If a caution comes out in the middle of pitting, those on pit road will finish their stop and race to the pit exit line. If not on pit road and are in the correct pit group, a driver can enter pit road and complete their stop before they cross the finish line on track.


Article 3: Cautions 

Drivers Must! 

* Race to the line when a caution is called 

Drivers Can 

* Report a wreck 

Drivers Can't 

* Call "Caution!" (This makes it confusing between the officials and other drivers communication wise) * Fake Lag, Wreck, or wreck on purpose

Ways a caution can be called * Wrecks (If 1 car wrecks by themselves and takes place at back of the pack, officials may chose not to call a caution) * Extreme Lag

For a lag caution, field will be frozen at the moment of the lag. If very bad, a red flag may be called.

Article 4: Spotting Every driver is the other driver's spotter. So if approaching a driver, they will say for example "Inside (Driver Name). Clear." Drivers are NOT allowed to say that they are there if not actually there.


Section 3: Penalties

* Out of pit box (Un-fixed) -2 POINTS

* Not enough tires taken -3 POINTS, WIN TAKEN IF WON

* Avoidable splatter kill on Pit Road -3 POINTS

LAP PENALTY * Killing driver on purpose/ Fighting -6 POINTS, PROBATION


* Failure to comply with black flag -10 POINTS, DISQUALIFICATION, PROBATION

Section 4: Point System

1st= 16 

2nd= 15 

3rd= 14 

4th= 13 

5th= 12 

6th= 11 

7th= 10 

8th= 9 

9th= 8 

10th= 7 

11th= 6 

12th= 5 

13th= 4 

14th= 3 

15th= 2 

16th= 1 

Lap Lead= 1 

Most Laps Lead= 1