Going on Hiatus.

So the interest in racing this season seems to not be here. People have more important responsibilities than racing on a shooting game every week. And I understand this. This thing was a fun little experiment that I'm proud of making it a whole season. It may be months or never at all when we go back, but that's just the reality of it. There are more important things than Halo racing. I'm not mad that people didn't show up. I get it and it's okay :). So sorry about all of this. I hope everybody enjoys their summer because you all deserve it! And to the few people who are probably cheering that this won't be a thing for awhile and thinking I failed, I didn't. I met so many new people from this that I'm glad I can call friends. Whenever it comes to you, you'll realize that all this petty drama was silly and unnecessary. Enjoy your own life than trying to bring others down. It's a healthier way of living. Thank you everybody! <3 -Votek

ricardootino wins the 2nd Daytona 500!

The second season is now underway with the Daytona 500 now finished. UltimateGuitar won his 3rd career pole and broke the track record he previously set last season. JC X12 was dominant in the beginning of the race, notching up the most laps led. Many wrecks occurred as the bumps tore at the drivers. Ricardootino, who had a good chance at winning last season's 500 but was taken out of contention after a late race pit road crash, would not be denied this time as he marched to the front of the pack and held off JC X12 and skylin4 to win the Daytona 500!


  1. ricardootino
  2. JC X12
  3. skylin4
  4. FloDawg48
  5. Votek
  6. UltimateGuitar


  • skylin4- 2 pit road infractions
  • UltimateGuitar- 1 pit road infraction